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Retrospective exhibition of paintings



14 July – 1 August

Art Pavilion „Cvijeta Zuzorić“ Belgrade
Exhibition ceremony: 14 July at 8.00.p.m.


Promotion of monography BARBARIEN

19 July at 6.00.p.m.

Author of exhibition and monography: Nina Krstić


14 July – 1 August,

Art Pavilion „Cvijeta Zuzorić“ Belgrade



  As an exceptionally worthy continuation of avant-garde ideas of today’s worldly classics, art brut artists, self-taught visionaries in this region, Sava Sekulić (1902-1989), Ilija Bašičević (1895-1972) and Vojislav Jakić (1932-2003), Predrag Milićević Barbarien (1963-2013) made precious contribution and distinct accomplishment with his oeuvre. The art of Barbarien showed new pictorialenergy, counter-cultural, radiating with own beauty. World portrayed by Barbarien is full of raw creative energy. He found harmony in disharmony and balance in misbalance. From the trivial to the divine, from pure truth to pure lie, without taboos, his works are powerful, obsessive confessions. With only a couple of strokes he created momentously and let the line and the colour animate forms, thus encountering his idea. He removed thick layers of patina and false, colourful veil from art, thus uncovering it to the mere essence; then, he decomposed it, and starting from beginning created own artistic reality.Barbarien showed his interest in life in all its bizarre forms by using pictorial transposition, which often meant suspension of many aesthetic principles. He elevated human conflicts and passions to the degree of general; he created inner tension of forms as an eternal fight between the good and the evil, sometimes associating to nonsense and human ephemerality. He showed that art was the object of a free game of mind, regardless to the origins of intentions, intellectual or instinctive.  

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