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From the opening ceremony

From the opening ceremony: Her Excellency Mrs. Vera Mavric, Pavel Zdenek,

director of the Museum of Charles Bridge, Nina Krstic, author of the exhibition



From the opening ceremony


From the opening ceremony


From the opening ceremony

From the opening ceremony


From Two Viewpoints

Gallery of Charles’ Bridge Museum, Prague

12 April – 10 May 2017



Acting for a long time as an alternative artistic scene which minimized the established canons, the art of self-taught visionaries made possible for audience to learn about parallel worlds of numerous independent, misunderstood, authentic and gifted artists who created in loneliness and isolation. Different worlds of naïve and marginal artists, inventive, non-conventional and their uncensored, impulsive visions gradually became an official and equal part of contemporary artistic heritage.


Barbarien - Autoportret sa cvetom


Self portrait with a flower, 2006, MNMA

In their canvases, self-taught visionaries, whether naïve artists or the so-called outsiders, provided unique forms of their dreams, fears, subconsciousness or memories. They were often pronouncedly personal and confusing, impulsively ejected ideas; although raw, they became suggestive, exciting presentations of violent inner dramas or reminiscences of childhood, fight for the brightness of a better world ruled by harmony.


Dobrosav Milojević - Veliko stado, 2005, MNMU

Dobrosav Milojević

A large herd, 2005, MNMA


From the opening ceremony


Each in his own way, by using particular imagination, these self-taught visionaries, Dobrosav Milojević and Barbarien showed a high degree of authenticity, artistic sensitivity and contemplation. As a naïve artist Dobrosav Milojević revealed all depths of sunny side of his soul, enchanted by nature and beauty of his homeland, while Barbarien portrayed dark worlds and secret life of his subconsciousness from dusk to dawn. The world presented by Barbarien was abundant with imperfection, uncertainty and intensive passion of experience, which he transmitted to the canvas raw. Energetic power of pictorial experience was in both authors intensive in its message. In Barbarien, colour was the bearer of affective relation towards nature and man. With his expressive, vehement strokes, it had the power of volcanic eruption. In pastoral paintings of Dobrosav Milojević, colour presented exalted state of mind of this naïve artist. With his sensibility and optimistic spirit which produced an idealised image of reality he created original ambience domineered by pictorial vigour.
With the exhibition From Two Viewpoints organised by Museum of Naïve and Marginal Art, we tried to point to possible high achievements of Serbian naïve and marginal art with the help of the most representative works of Dobrosav Milojević and Barbarien, the two outstanding Serbian authors in a respectable and symbolical way. Contacts and oppositions of artistic visions, colour and compositional sensibilities of the two pronounced individualists point to the origins of artists who belonged to different generations, different milieus, hence were governed by different inspiration. However, their works have something in common – they show a wide spectrum of pronounced artistic achievements which certainly make significant contribution to the continuity of development of self- taught visionary art in wider European area. Similarities and differences in their oeuvres point to complexity and wealth of their pictorial expression.


From the opening ceremony

Museum of Naïve and Marginal Art in Jagodina (Serbia) is a specialized Museum, unique in the Balkans; since its foundation in 1960 it has collected, exhibited and edited the works of naïve and marginal artists, self-taught visionaries from both Serbia and worldwide, including Czech works as well.


Nina Krstić



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