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Approaching the year of celebration of a significant jubilee, the sixtieth anniversary of its foundation, Museum of Naïve and Marginal Art organises the exhibition aimed to review the most representative works of naïve art in Serbia. Within the last event in this year’s effective communication to large audience, besides promotion of a new edition of MNMArt magazine and Calendar for 2020, the monograph of Ivana Jovanović entitled Naïve Art in Serbia, published by MNMA was also promoted.



The exhibition of the most outstanding achievements of naïve artists in Serbia affords the insight into the essence and strength of the primordial in all generations of our artists, which after nine decades of its continuation, wide acceptance and worldly reputation still intrigues and inspires both the artists, self-taught visionaries, researchers and art theoreticians. The exhibition includes retrospection of authentic achievements from rich treasure of MNMA, from the earliest well-known works of the first generation of self-taught artists (Janko Brašić, Sava Sekulić, Emerik Feješ, Miladinka Rackov, Martin Jonaš, Mihal Bereš…), then a number of significant artists, representatives of succeeding generations (Milosav Jovanović, Dušan Jevtović, Milan Rašić, Bogosav Živković, Dragiša and Milan Stanisavljević, Dragutin Aleksić, Pal Homonaj, Florika Puja …) until the latest acquisitions of Museum of Naive and Marginal Art – Desanka Petrov Morar, Ilija Filipović, Životin Nikolić, Dobrosav Milojević, Miodrag Pavlović Dragomirac, Srboslav Ilić, Saša Petrović Berdujac…).



Besides rich advertising material published by MNMA, the visitors will have the opportunity to see the exhibition until the end of February 2020. The exhibition is accompanied by projections of films about our artists done by Đorđe Kadijević, Predrag Todorović, Milan Nikodijević, and Slobodan D. Pešić.





Naïve Art in Serbia

Museum of Naïve and Marginal Art, Jagodina
The opening of the exhibition:

27 December 2019 at 5pm
27 December 2019 – 29 February 2020












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