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Oto Bihalji Merin and architects of modern thought

19 October – 6 November 2018, Heritage House, Kneza Mihaila 46, Belgrade


Museum of Naive and Marginal Art organised thematic exhibition entitled Oto Bihalji-Merin and Architects of Modern Thought at Heritage House from 9 October-6 November 2018. In addition to representative works of contemporary naïve artists M. Čelebonović, L. Vozarević, M. Protiž, E. Murtić, D. Džamonja, K. Hegedušić, M. Popović, L. Vujaklija, M. Srbonović, S. Sekulić, I. Bosilj Bašičević, V. Naumovski, M. Rašić, I Generalić, I. Lacković, I. Rabuzin, B. Živković, M. Stanisavljević and others, numerous editions of Bihalji’s books, together with authentic manuscripts, photographs and personal objects portray Bihalji’s life of a writer, an art critic, a revolutionary and a publicist.
During the exhibition, numerous visitors had the opportunity to see an interesting interview of Bora Krivokapić and Bihalji in 1981, produced by RTS.

Filip Brusić Renaud, the director of Heritage House gave the introductory speech at the opening night, while the author of the exhibition and the monograph, Nina Krstić, spoke of the very event. Danijela Vanušić, Assistant to the Minister of Culture and Information of Republic of Serbia in the Sector of Cultural Heritage Protection was present together with numerous audience.




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