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Triennial of Self-taught Visionary Art

28 October – 21 November 2016
Art Pavilion “Cvijeta Zuzorić” Mali Kalemegdan 1

Exhibition of paintings and sculptures of the Triennial
Ceremonial award of prizes and recognitions
Projection of films of Mario del Curto and Bastien Genoux
Projection of film Sava Sekulić, the Self-taught by Slobodan D. Pešić






From the opening ceremony

  The First Triennial of Self-taught Visionary Art is a continuation of the event which was uninterruptedly organised by Museum of Naïve and Marginal Art (Jagodina, Serbia) since 1970. After ten Salons (1970-1979) as annual reviews of the most valuable realisations in self-taught art, firstly Serbian and then Yugoslav, sixteen Biennials followed (1981-2013), which meanwhile transformed from Yugoslav into international. The name Triennial of Self-taught Visionary Art symbolically finalizes the development of this respectable event, which has gathered self-taught authors for decades.

This year, special contribution was made by participation of respectable professionals who presented their approach to naïve and marginal art, being experts in this artistic domain worldwide, primarily thanks to their rich experience in the field of outsider art, such as John Maizels, the Editor of Raw Vision Magazine, London, Martine Lusardy, Director of Museum Halle Saint Pierre, Paris, Nina Katschnig, Director of Gallery Gugging in Vienna, Vladimir Abakumov, Director of Art Brut – Outsider Art Centre from Moscow. The members of Jury from Museum of Naïve and Marginal Art were museum counsellors who permanently examine the artworks of self-taught authors, Nina Krstić and Marica Vračević, as well as senior custodian Ivana Jovanović.



The seventeenth meeting with self-taught visionary art this year was characterised by a hundred and twenty-two works done by fifty seven artists from sixteen countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Brazil, Denmark, France, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Germany, the USA, Slovenia, Switzerland, Spain and Russia. The awarded authors expanded the existing perspectives by simplicity of their realisations, while other artists whose works are an integral part of the Triennial gave us the pleasure of revelation of multilayer aspect of this art.



Numerous guests attended the opening ceremony, domestic and international artists as well as participants in the Triennial this year. Dragan Hamović, a special counsellor of Minster of Culture and Information of RS opened the exhibition; Nina Krstić, Director of MNMA and John Maizels gave speeches at the ceremony. On behalf of the Jury, John Maizels delivered the awards to the following artists:

Miodrag Pavlović (Serbia) – Grand Prix of the Triennial
Sylvia Katuszewski (France) - Special Recognition for the Exhibited Works
Alfred Neumayr (Austria) - Recognition for the Exhibited Works
Marc Bourlier (France) - Purchase Award
Christine Sefolosha (Switzerland) - Award for Entire Artistic Work
Mehrdad Rashidi (Iran/Germany), the winner of Grand Prix at the previous Biennial (2013) personally delivered Grand Prix for the Exhibited Works to this year’s winner Miodrag Pavlović from Serbia. Honorary Recognition Oto Bihalji-Merin was awarded to art historian Natalija Cerović.








Delivering the awards



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